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A city's architecture which is commonly considered boring, dull and monotonous. I won't say that it is the most architecturally exciting either, however in the process of shooting this project I came to realize that in the heart of our city lie a few gems that we rarely pay attention to because they became so common to us.

In this collection of photos I try to highlight some of the more interesting buildings of the city, as well as give you a different look at the already well-known.




A place where people are not afraid to go out on the streets with blue hair, wearing pink socks or having their face sprinkled with glitter. 

It was fascinating to see the vast diversity of the Parisian people's appearance and lifestyle but most of all their fashion sense. I consider the individuals that picked out to be not just people, but characters and every one of them had something that stood out to catch my eye in the first place.

I believe that the people of the streets are the ones who make up a city and therefore, by presenting them through portraiture in this little project of mine I aimed to reflect Paris as a place itself.  

All the people that are shown in this project were strangers to me (except of one) and it was quite an experience framing faces of people straight up that I have never seen before.


A city that is full of life by day and dead at night. Terrorism has cursed the capital of Belgium with the darkest of atmospheres I've ever experienced in a European capital. Empty subways, lifeless night streets and closed down cafes. 

It felt like the inhabitants of the city were constantly at fear of showing themselves. 


I would always find myself wondering; How can the major centre for international politics be so dead? 





Through the years I have taken a number of portraits, whether it be of my friends or complete strangers, whom I met and requested to shoot, however, all the photos of people that I have accumulated throughout my time can be viewed on this reel.



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